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24/7 Golden Hour Sunset Lamp

Transform any room into a sunny escape, with hues of orange, red and yellow - no matter the time of day.

be a #Sunsetseeker today

Literally the best thing I’ve ever purchased!!!!! You’re confidence sky rockets and your photos come out so good!!

Hadley B. (from Facebook)

I love this lamp! It really sets the right mood, in the evening when I am relaxing with my wife in our family room and need to calm down after a stressful day at work. It sets the ambience for a beautiful and relaxing sunset evening.

Monique K. (from Facebook)

Perfect sunset lamp especially if you want to take golden hour photos. The lamp is sturdy and heavy enough to sit properly. The colors are gorgeous and turn your room golden even in the day time. Highly highly recommend!

J. Hogle (from Facebook)